Let Me Out

February 7, 2012
I fly through the streets,
Looking for an escape.
The search party seems to be getting closer and closer.
I quickly make a turn,
A blur of people race by me,
Looking for a someone they’ll never find.
Then, suddenly, a voice.
It’s as deep as Hades’s layer in the underworld,
Beckoning me to follow it.
As I follow him into the car, my heart seems to be jumping out of my chest.
An eternity flies by before I am let out.
I walk through the door, the smell of food fills my nose,
Making my stomach growl with envy.
I’m led to a room, told not to come out, and left alone.
Solitude as my only companion.
I pull out my treasures from my pockets,
A broken yo-yo, a shoeless doll, and a colorful top.
These are my friends,
This room is my home.
Insane Asylum, “Looney Bin”,
Whatever you may call it,
This is my home.
I hate it.

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