February 7, 2012
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Each blade of grass cut the same
Sand raked perfectly
Sun shining
Wind whistling
It’s April
The world’s best golfers are there
And guess what?
After three rounds,
You’re in the lead by one
Tiger’s on the prowl
Rory’s looking for redemption
And Phil is hoping,
The arthritis doesn’t kick in
You get passed Amen Corner swiftly
After 71 holes, you’re still ahead
All that’s left is Holly
After a great first shot,
You have 115 yards left,
But, before you hit,
You’re skin jumps after a roar,
Tiger has caught you!
You’re both tied!
Nervous you are
But you stay calm,
And hit the ball
It hit the pin!
10 feet for the win
This is the biggest putt of your life
Tiger’s on the range,
Expecting a playoff
You and your caddie
Line it up
The crowd falls silent
As you approach your sphere
You stand over that little white ball
As you hit it
You and the crowd scream
“Go in, go in the hole!!”
The ball rolls around
Hanging on the edge
And then it
Into the hole
You’ve done it!
You’ve won!
A rookie winning the Masters!
Oh what fame and fortune you await!
Before Schwartzel puts the famed
Green Jacket on you
You call your family
Your mom answers the phone
She’s crying
After the “I’m proud of you’’ is over
Your dad comes on
“Son, you’re my pride and joy, but there’s someone else here who wants to say hi”
It’s your little brother
Who you haven’t talked to since graduation
“Way to go big brother” he says
“You chuckle and say goodbye when
Someone taps your shoulder
It’s Tiger
His face isn’t mad or sad
He’s smiling
He congratulates you
And says “great putt”
Your face is full of surprise
But he looks into your eyes and
He says
“That was amazing,
And I can’t wait to come back to

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