American Dream

February 6, 2012
By ZeldaEve GOLD, Lansing, Michigan
ZeldaEve GOLD, Lansing, Michigan
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All the money down the drain,
You've been saving your whole life,
Now you're just full of pain,
And now you lost your wife.

You left a country full of war,
Looking for a better place,
You won't have to worry anymore,
Now you're not a disgrace.

You see the shore,
Such a beautiful sight,
You've never seen anything like this before,
Everything was so bright.

You took every test,
Passed every single one,
Now you could finally rest,
This day was finally done.

You lost your home and job,
Don't worry; It's just a bad time,
No need to sob,
This is no crime.

They broke your bones,
Laughed at you,
Pissed on your clothes,
You were like an animal in a zoo.

Welcome to our home,
Where our freedom is the same as your oppression,
Where the government holds the throne,
And everything leads to depression.

The American dream,
Do you really want this,
We never work as a team,
But I guess this is bliss.

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