February 6, 2012
By K.Spirit PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
K.Spirit PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
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The first note trembles, vibrating, nervous and high pitched,
As if struggling to recompose itself on a tight-rope
And more firmly, a G sharp pulls strong,
Wrapping its feet around the cord and standing up
A few staccato marches, Red-coats traveling to the garrison in unified lines,
Until a guerilla ambush ensues, notes invading from all sides of the board,
The bow in a tangled frenzy rushing to reach either A
High and low, quick and sporadic, causing panic to make my knuckles white
And their guns smoke
But a verse of cooling relief, like effluent leaving my fingertips,
Purified and soothing, cooling the heat on my strings
Seeping through its wooden confines, like polite, welcome flood waters
And then deeper, a slower bass, more viscous to its sound,
Sucking the noise out of each thick note, fudge like in its consistency
It becomes overpowering and flushes the face, making palms itchy with sinister premonition
And some light-hearted comic relief is appreciated, a few puns on the F natural
A light hearted play between slurs that makes each sound more difficult than it truly is
Like skipping stones against a shallow creek, each note is fleeting and briefly enjoyed
Giving time to breathe, let in a few seconds to think before
Bionic, cold and grating; slicing through the air like the cut of a blade
Metallic and forbidding; sharp and shrill, yet it provokes a natural curiosity for more

As if one song could hold more! And yet
My fingers slow on the black board and casually slide
Until they reach the perfect harmonic, as if snow has lightly graced the lip of a gun barrel
So shocking in its juxtaposition
So perfectly poised and gentle, but so purposeful in its last vibrating echo
It connects all stories and gives them an ending
A safe finish, a treaty, flourishing flowers, a villain captured, a prank, a robot apocalypse, and finally

The author's comments:
This is how I feel when I play the violin

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