Love Is Blind.

February 6, 2012
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We know not what we do, for our knowledge yields to impulse.
We know not what we do for we feel after we touch,
We savor after we kiss.

We know not what we are while our hands our clasped in the view of others.
We know not what we are for we acknowledge the words after we speak,
We remember once the rest we forget.

We know not where we go for our destination is un-mapped.
We know not where we go for this force is not pulled by gravity or metals,
We are led by our inclination for the road which has not been paved.

We knew not what we did
Nor what we were
Neither where we went


We have decided what we've done
As took place the actions which we did.
But only after reflection of such things
Did we know.

We admit what we are
To those who cannot submit
To the truth
Slain before them.

We have discovered where we went
For it is here we still are
And the actions of our past
Been traced.

We Are Love.

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