Your Skin

February 6, 2012
By nicmoo SILVER, Florence, Kentucky
nicmoo SILVER, Florence, Kentucky
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It's a color
It's a heart
It's your skin in the dark
It's a car
It's the night
It's "you're doing this just right."
It's driving
It's the windows
Rolled down so that my hair blows
It's a feeling
It's a kiss
It's two lips, and two that missed
It's my coffee
It's your eyes
It's "I'll never tell you lies."
It's your tobacco
It's my mind
Anxiety won't subside
It's a promise
It's an apology
For saying you'll be what you can't be
It's today
It's tonight
It's turning out the light
It's seeing you tomorrow
It's counting on your face
It's biting down my fingernails
It's needing one more taste
Of your neck and shoulders
It's your mouth in my ear
And being able to hear
"I love you" without a word.

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