The Orchestra Pit

January 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Bellows slowly weave through their brass trunks
The low sound protruding over the silence of the land
Elephants stomp around their parched hills
Vibrating the gently laid sand and dirt that sleeps beneath their wrinkled towers
As they are the kings of the Sahara

Gentle antelope scamper through the crowd
Quietly tapping their hooves as they run
Peaking from behind bushes to the open desert
Their bodies are peaceful and majestic
Gliding in the air, on alert for predators
Sleek and thin bodies hide in the brush

The water slightly splashing against
Their spiny, thin legs that cling to the bottom
Frequent banter between the flock
The array of symphonious music creates a hushed bond

The high pitched annoyance slowly dies
The silence that lies over the land
Puts the harps and trombones to rest
The wind wisps through the clean, white clouds
Falling over the pointed mountain tops

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