when i gave you me!!

January 20, 2012
By CHERRYBABI SILVER, Spokane, Washington
CHERRYBABI SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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when i sit there and try to get attention from you.. it dont work and i was wondering to myself why? so then i sat there and thought well... he hits on my ex best friend and lets her sit on him and others things that make me pretty sad and its breaking me down more to see you guys together than it is too see me with someone else that can treat me right. and i cry still to this day when it all happened its hard to let go of the past... and you would never say nothin to me anyways unless you wanted me to do something or you wanted something. when i say i love you it means i really do and i want to be held like i am the only girl for you when your around and i dont get that from you but the girl that dont want you does, and now that she uses you for some things and it still hurts me the most more than any other girl cant you see that... if you cant then your blind i have been tryin so hard for you too see that! and i cant even be with anyone because i really think they are going to hurt me and i stay single till i can find a guy that has what i know

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its what its like now!!

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