Too Familiar

February 1, 2012
By EternallyMe03 SILVER, BIRMINGHAM, Alabama
EternallyMe03 SILVER, BIRMINGHAM, Alabama
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It’s that time again
Familiar dark clouds
Are gathering
And rounding up words
Forming those sentences
Ingrained in my mind
Echoing through me
Every day
While threating with
Those same old threats
That used to break me
And still do

Rumbling now
Planning the attack
Of the perfectly crafted
Venom you speak
Made from that recipe
Locked deep within your heart
The perfect mixture
Of hate
And everything else
You strive for

You follow that recipe
So flawlessly

The storm’s beginning comes
Oh so easily
Too easy
From your well-known lips
Dripping poison
Visible only to
Your victims

The steady trickle
Soon becomes
An explosion
But it’s only the start
Of the storm

And of that slow trickle
That painful trickle

Lie ostensibly innocent words
To outsiders- but not to me

It’s starting
But I know now
I know how this starts
I can feel the storm coming

So I let it happen

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