Why hate!

February 2, 2012
By Ashleybear SILVER, Kasass City, Missouri
Ashleybear SILVER, Kasass City, Missouri
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Why do we hate with hearts so cold?
Why do we taunt with sword sharp words?
Why do we beat the ones who love?
Why do we live in fear of something we can change?
Why do we allow circumstances to determine who we are?
Why do we change ourselves to fit with others?
Why do we stand by while others get beat?
Why are we content to live in shame, and disgrace those who oppose us?
Why can’t we break this pattern of oppressing sadness?
Why can’t we love those who hate?
Why can’t we be there to help those who get beat?
Why can’t we comfort those who are scared?
Why can’t we bring joy to those who weep?
Why can’t love with harts overflowing with joy and kindness?
I think it’s time to break free of our oppressing shackles, and show others what we can do!

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