What if I told you

January 31, 2012
By , Chicago, IL
What if I told you....

I was one of those few girls who never looked in the mirror..
I was scared of my reflection cause it shows the perfect collection of imperfections..
When I view my self and seem utterly shocked
I can't lie and say my features have been photo shopped
I wish I could photo shop the mirror,
That or karate chop all mirrors
My face is too long 
my hair is too short
I cut it all off cause I'm crazy of some sort
In the bathroom my eyes are almost always closed,
As hurriedly take off my clothes,
And make a mad dash for the shower
Stay in past an hour,
Or at least till I know the mirror has been fogged,
Not caring of how my sister yells to my mother about how
"The bathroom is being hogged"
Some time I let my mind get away from me,
Just keep the world at bay for me.
Some times I wonder how much I'm worth,
My thoughts wander to my birth,
Mommy swore she never cheated on daddy
And daddy swears I ain't his,
Yeah, I bet at first he denied I was his kid,
Told the the doctor he wanted DNA test
Glad I got an A on my first test
The took my blood in an instant.
How they do that to an infant?
Guess they never seen a black girl with white skin.

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