Alone is normal here

January 31, 2012
By TheOneThatWantsToShare GOLD, Bayboro, North Carolina
TheOneThatWantsToShare GOLD, Bayboro, North Carolina
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Even when I dont know who I am there is always someone out there that does

Even when you're not physically alone
Deep inside
you can have such a longing
for something so far out of reach
that you're more alone
than you thought you ever could be
You can sink so far into the deep depths of depression
that you ignore the world around you
You can no longer see the beauty of the world
Because your heart
is shattered
into so many millions of pieces
that feeling alone
Can be a blessing
in the world
that no one truly sees
they only see the mask you put up
to hide your pain
your aloneness
your fear
You may be afraid to admit it
but its there
The fear of everything around you
never knowing
what will pop into your life
making you feel more alone
than you ever have been before
Your stuck into this big black whole
sucking you into another universe
One that makes you believe
that being alone in completely normal
That pain is a blessing here
Because in this universe
Pain means happiness
and happiness means pain
In the real world
Every time your happy
pain comes along and ruins it
And every time your in pain
someone brings you up
But what if
there is no one to bring you up?
Who will bring you up then?
Your alone in a world
where being alone
can kill you
but no one ever seems to care
Except you

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