They Call It "Emo"

January 30, 2012
By Anonymous

They call it “Emo”
When we can’t find a place for the pain that shatters
Or the hurt that drowns us in silence

They call us “Cutters”
When we are too confused to feel
And too numb to care

They call us “Weird”
Because we are not cookie-cutter
And do not believe in their stereo-types

They call us “Goth”
When the sunshine is too happy for us to touch
And a smile is more than we can handle

We call it “Style”
When we are broken
And desperate

We call it “Real”
When we are fractured like the glass we broke this morning
When we lock the door and cry into a pillow

We call it “Life”
When they say we don’t have one
When hope is what they used to tell us was there

We call it “Expression”

When you tell us it is disgusting

But we let you do it anyway –
we don’t care how you express yourself

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my friend, but it's just as much for myself - for everyone. On both sides of the argument. Words cut so much deeper than most things.

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