January 29, 2012

I feel alone; on my own. People are set free. I can't help but be disheveled At the memories I have gathered, For they are now long gone. Withering away... The friends I used to be close to, Now make me turn my head in evadence. The characters they portray Are fake with loathsome, taunting ways. They act oblivious when I tell them Things will never be the same. One minute, I have the world, The next I find myself boxed in a corner With only unanswered questions To disperse through-out my brain. Everywhere I turn, I am being betrayed. Getting talked about; Being scolded at. My innocence will carry me no longer. I have to find myself, And a place where I belong. A million tries to get away, To find an escape. The present will fade, But I have a strong mind. I will never let anyone take this dignity of mine.

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