The Art of Unity

January 24, 2012
By nowritersblock SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
nowritersblock SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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The long, thick paintbrush
Soft bristles washed and cleaned with care,
Ready to express what the hand that holds it wants it to show
Ready to express deep from the heart – what a paintbrush is made to do.
Ready to express what others want the hand to show.
Watercolor paints neatly set in a tray
Circles of hard colored paint
The paintbrush tickles and presses against one circle,
Water splashing against the spot of blue.
The hand controls the paintbrush
Like a string puppet on a stage,
And it runs itself down the rough canvas.
What was once a stiff, hard circle set in plastic,
Becomes a long, flowing river, running against the pure, white canvas.

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