Twin Towers Attack

January 24, 2012
By Ayla Crutchfield BRONZE, Pontiac, Michigan
Ayla Crutchfield BRONZE, Pontiac, Michigan
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What seemed like the end, was only the beginning

Sitting there watching the television,

In disbelief

My mom picked me up early from school that day

Everyone in school was panicking

The hearts around me felt heavy as tears rolled down their face

Screams are muffled and drowned,

Smoke and dust is what the air are filled of

In this time of crisis, is when we all came together

Firefighters and policeman doing the best they can

Desperate for help, for a miracle

But not all could be saved

And we lost a lot of good people that day

Families broken and lives forever changed

Forever engraved in our hearts, and always on our minds

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