By the Train Station

January 28, 2012
By MusicalDonna PLATINUM, None Of Your Business, California
MusicalDonna PLATINUM, None Of Your Business, California
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"Never be afraid to get kicked in the teeth. Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy." ~ Lady Gaga

Winds of the frost blew across the grainy, dull sky
I told you to meet me where we first met
Meet me by the Train Station around five
Promise you'll be there and I'll win my little bet

Isolated where the railroad bells are ringing
Monotonous wheels clucking,
But the trains aren't budging
And if you come, will your strings begin singing?

It doesn't snow here anymore
Everything is frozen, waiting for you
My pulse aches because of the sore
A bruise in the muscle caused by you
I know you didn't intend to

Meet me by the Train Station covered in snow
Where only one train is waiting for you
For an answer, meet me to let me know

I know you don't understand, and neither do I
But if our instincts are the same
You and I will then know why
Once you and I set foot onto the only train
If only you'd come to greet me one last time
Hear me out and consider to continue
And maybe I could change your mind
I need to believe this is true

But where are you?
I won't set foot onto the train
No, not without you
Fierce poundings are devouring me insane
How could I know what you feel?
Absence makes the heart scream
Especially when your lips are sealed
Please let it be just a lonely dream

Meet me at the Train Station at five
Where we first met that one wonderful night
It's past five,
But hopefully I'll be alright.

The author's comments:
It's about asking for another chance before moving on, basically.

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