Knife of a Different Colour

January 27, 2012
By indimcmathz BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
indimcmathz BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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"Alternative to what?" -Bliss, from the movie "Whip It"

The tool in my hand cuts into my flesh and I will it to draw blood,but to no avail. This pain I feel inside needs to be fought by something physical,something more real. I’m sobbing,I’m shaking,I feel sick inside and I want everything to stop-just stop. Time will freeze and everything will be alright,because without time I won’t feel pain and pain is life and reality. But I know I won’t do that. Not anytime soon at least. I could run, but to where? I’ll be chased,dragged back. There are things I need to stay for anyways, things that I love immensely but that caused this mess. Things that,if I were to lose them,would wreck me. Things that have finally made me feel whole for the first real time in my life. I’ve been told,tugged and trampled. I’ve fought,feared and forgotten. I’ve loved,I’ve lost,but most of all I’ve lasted. Long enough to taste freedom even, and it tastes better than I ever could have imagined.

The author's comments:
This is probably the most personal thing I've ever wrote (not that I've written much). It all just came to me in a moment and it calmed me a bit to have it out.

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on Aug. 15 2012 at 11:03 pm
Kilikilakia2012 GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
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Do or do not, there is no try. ~Yoda~

that was very good. :) I like how it's so bold and open yet so hidden at the same time. You did a very good job. :)

on Mar. 7 2012 at 8:11 pm
futurenovelista SILVER, Staatsburg, New York
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"But I being poor have only my dreams...I place my dreams at your feet. Tread softly for you tread on my dreams." -Yeats

I Loved It. Wish there would've been space after the commas but I truly enjoyed it. Exspecially the way you finished off. Keep writing!


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