January 26, 2012
It is our greatest friend,
And our worst of enemies
The utter perfection,
The ever-damning flaw
It is the beginning and the freedom,
It is the end and the death
When we grow idle,
Our endless pursuit is to cause it
When we lose power over it,
It is our most fervent wish to quell it
If you are who keeps order,
Then you shall hate it
If you hate it,
Then you shall be worn down to your death
If you do not hate it,
Then you shall embrace it
Once you have embraced it,
You shall love it
If you love and embrace it,
Then one day soon you will wake to find yourself causing it
As you cause more and more,
Your lust for it grows unchecked
The greater that your lust for it becomes,
The weaker you become
As your strength wanes and your will erodes,
The more a slave to it you become
The more enslaved you are,
The more you need it becomes
Once you have become wholly dependent upon it,
Then you are truly lost,
Lost to Chaos.

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