January 26, 2012
By cinderella PLATINUM, BEVERLY HIILLS, California
cinderella PLATINUM, BEVERLY HIILLS, California
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life is a book, you can write or read, but what ever you do keep flipping the pages

It’s weird how the words I say

Don’t come out from my mouth right

How the colors I dream

Don’t seem to blend in with the night

Maybe if I said it slower, with more action

Then you would understand

And give me some attention

The day of your birth is no day like other

So be true to yourself, and experience all the wonder

Live your life like you imagined it

And before it’s the last day

Remember to forgive and forget

I’m truly broken in two pieces

For the deed I have done

For the crime I have committed

For the lies I’ve told

My soul disowns me

My life doesn’t recognize me

I’m a lost cloud in the middle of a thunderstorm

Inside there is a catastrophe

Missing all the days that have past

Wishing it wouldn’t end so soon

Wishing it would all freeze and last

If I have lied to you, I beg your pardon

If I had made you feel sad, I assure I’m even sadder

Don’t take me for who I am

But for who I have been

Listen to me and believe my story

Tis not a lie, for I am really sorry

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