Who I Am

January 26, 2012
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Who am I?
I am…
Adrienne-Marie Alverio Velasquez Guidicelli
A New York Rican
¾ Puerto Rican
¼ Italian
A writer whose humble soul speaks and is heard when the words are breathed to life on paper
A hopeless romantic
A vulnerable little girl when stripped of her tough façade
A painfully shy girl who cannot seem to let go of past traumas
A teenage girl with walls guarding her fragile broken heart that still bleeds love for that first love every night
The daughter of a mentally ill mother
The daughter of an immigrant butcher
The half sister to a mentally ill brother
The stepsister to five others
An emotionally unreachable person, I crave but yet am terrified of any person breaking my barriers and seeing the real me
Therefore I push people away
A frustrated individual who cant let anyone in
A girl who seeks solace in writing
A girl who denies she needs attention but needs to be told she is loved
I am the girl everyone loves to tease about her accent
A frightened shy voice that longs to be heard
A girl who longs to be normal but deals with the fact that she is so unique
The girl who hides behind anything to avoid attention being placed on her
The comedian of the group
A high school student with aspirations of becoming a lawyer and a writer
A girl who is not comfortable in her own skin
A girl who struggles to fill the void in her heart
The girl who dreams of being able to sing for an audience without fear
A girl who struggles to find her way
A girl who longs for warmth and attention
A girl who doesn’t seek help with a problem
The girl who makes her own mistakes
I am many things
I am complex
I am who I am

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