Spaceman's Plead

January 26, 2012
By kenny_float BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
kenny_float BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
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he must learn how to maintain his rust, but in her words he trust. All he wanted was those splash of colors he lacks.
He aches for the rays of the sun,
to only find out the sun aint as fun.
This ball of fire casting 12 degree burns.
Violence so furtive,
a louder bang before the warmth begins on the tip of the gun.
There's your beauty in the breakdown.
I can only imagine your thought process in putting those beautiful words together,
to make me forget about my home in the stars.
Pulling me back in a catastrophic atmosphere i call love.
Altering my visual to a dreadful moon instead of mars.
I cant help to stomach the feeling that this is my fault.
If i never torn her planet,
maybe my body wouldn't be reflections hers.
The boy in all black now misses his home.
With every step you take, I will continue to hold my wounds,
and keep my eyes fixed on space.
I will continue on my pursuit to find the answer for my existence.
I cant accept being just a fragment in the cosmos
or just a substance lost in the distance.
Lost materials get sucked in black holes.
I wont be warp or torn.
I wont be scared to shoot my hope in a place of the unknown.
Because this enormous sky of violet shade
is cover by the star's throne.
In the galaxy i cant ever feel alone.

The author's comments:
What inspire me to write this poem was the encounter with an ex of mines that i haven't seen in so long. I was doing perfectly fine without her in my life. I was reaching my goals, with no care for love. She came back to me with sweet words. I let my guard down. She played with my emotions and wrecked me. I should of kept my head in the clouds.

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