All This Time

January 25, 2012
By Hawk. BRONZE, White Salmon, Washington
Hawk. BRONZE, White Salmon, Washington
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This old thing
Seen so many years
Bought some forgotten day, some dry lonely day
Of so little consequence, I thought
Yet here it is, I’m still wearing it

I wonder what it remembers
All those days
Wet days, windy days, sunny days, winters and fallen leaves
Do you remember that long, long hike
Or the day I jumped in, the day I fell off
All my secrets

Beautiful you might say, how exquisite
But it’s nothing really
That fine leather? Just cowhide
The leftovers from my dinner
The delicate beading? Nobody’s old hands
Just another machine, same one that makes my clothes, my cars
An assembly line creature
Worn out now

But what’s it matter
It’s mine now, bent and twisted to my body
Old belt, seen so many things

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