Experience Warning

January 16, 2012
By Mikaela McLaughlin BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
Mikaela McLaughlin BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
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Words weren't made for what I want to say
I'm sorry for all the pain I instigated,
I just hate feeling so intimidated
like a hot air balloon, all my hopes and dreams are deflated
I can't even remember them anymore
I've destroyed myself right down to my heart's core
It's the life I live: for it's the path I chose

Disappointed and alone in the long run.
Especially because u can't trust no one.

They all after themselves, just like you.
Look at the success surrounding you
That's what you'll turn into.
if getting high stays as your only view,
Then death is what you're referring to.
Used to constantly feel like vomiting from a stomach flu.
I’ll tell you, about that one time I was hospitalized, because my

face turned blue.
Heart completely frozen
Mind so numb
Wouldn't even of felt the point of a needle dispensing my poison

Here's a warning to all those,
who have good souls, going through the bad.
Euphoria don't last: the happiness is not real,
it'll be ur love and u won't realize it-
that ur killing ur soul when ur blaized and lit.
Oh yes it's so great, to feel your increasing heart rate,
That tingling sensation that barrels through each one of your

You feel like none of your body contains weight: you under a

mind sedate.
This stuff is all a connected chain, draining every part of you

that makes you humane.
Even if you haven't noticed that your ambition gain is slow
decreasing. Your soul is now ceasing : these pills can cause internal bleeding. and you will find yourself feigning for a misleading emotion. I’ve had to bang out a few legal proceedings in which I sat weeping and pleading, to not put me behind the metal bars, but with every passing hour, addiction deepens. and when I was a free woman, I still remained abusing and using.
Go ahead, sit there and continue to toke, but all those puffs of fluffy white smoke, take a hold of your throat and you choke. but this wont ever provoke, you to stop, iI’s a constant battle that you will at first fail at and belly flop before you start to actually defeat and gain the will to say no every time you get offered a free cocaine line or mini pill
I've been merry off the spirits of wine Even more elated when that ecstasy finally hits my spine top and drips down the column. I remember when i used to enjoy watching the flowers in spring blossom. Now I’m stuck at the bottom, of a whole string of problems, If I wrote them all out, the book would be three volumes.
Here’s a warning to all those, Who have good souls, going thru the bad. Euphoria don't last: the happiness is not real, It'll be ur love and u won't realize it- Ihat ur killing ur soul when ur blaized and lit.
This is no traditional poem, I have no set rhyme key, or eye opening pun. I don't care if you find me loathsome, I'm used to being on my lonesome, always feeling glum. I just don't want anyone to succumb to drugs It stripped me from my mental freedom There is no way to make, turning your back on your comfort zone, Sound sweetening, it feels a whipping cyclone. There's no one-step solution to fixing a foundation stone, Being messed up, is what your life is based off of. Drugs are only a mirage of the throne. Man's true dream can only be achieved if you put on your battle glove, Kick every addiction you have, show them no love. I spent months decaying away, sent myself straight to the grave, I buried myself alive, couldn't break away. Till that faithful day when I realized this stuff is foul play Peer pressure, stress, emotions, and pure fear had my brain in disarray To scared to stay, even more fearful to take a stand and walk the other way
I would rely on this stuff to make the suffering pass by But now I have the lung capacity to scream I'm leaving this style of life This is my good-bye to everything that put a weight on me I'm leaving this game with clear eyes I will no longer waste days in my room wishing for my own death and destruction If you feel like you out of breath, and your mind is under abduction It's yourself that caused this suction, and it's yourself, that needs to pave a path worth accomplishing, It may seem astonishing but it's worth trying, I can assure you that these drugs will bring you nothing.
Here's a warning to all those, Who have good souls, going thru the bad. Euphoria don't last: the happiness is not real, It'll be ur love and u won't realize it- that ur killing ur soul when ur blaized and lit. But as luck would have it, It's never too late to admit addiction Your life does not have to be full of crucifixion It's never easy, but listen to me, I learned the hard way It is possible for you to escape today.

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