i AM free

January 16, 2012
By Mikaela McLaughlin BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
Mikaela McLaughlin BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
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sixteen years old oh she does not know, who I am inside. neither do i, but she pressures me to fight. i just can not keep my thoughts in right, i don't want to live my life in spite. so depressed, despite my efforts to see the beam of light. I recall, back to the time, When I was three feet tall, Determined to be something. Im not sure when I started to fall, but now i slither away with barely enough strength to crawl. i feel too low to continue life's rapid climb, left behind. fear is my partner in crime, with her i started to go blind, my ambitions declined. now i say my presence of mind can not be defined. i used to have so many philosophic, views on mankind. I can't judge anymore, because i hold the devil's walking stick. my feet shake like i'm trying to bounce infinitely on a pogo stick. i see the blood spill out of my heart, it's disgustingly thick. I'm not a preppy chick, so other girls treat me like a deer tick. their narcissistic looks and pre-judgments, got me burning at the end of my wick. slivering along is discontent but i'm done, i'm going to start giving one hundred and ten percent I won't let stabs of anyone's sword, prevent me from finishing my run i'm re tracking to when my heart used to care, and my conscience wasn't as cold as the nose on an antarctic polar bear. i used to say an evening prayer concerning, my desire to see an end to peoples' constant warfare. i do not care if i ever become a millionaire. all i want back is my desire strive, the ability to soberly walk on air. my soul no longer on automatic drive, i finally woke up, time for some inspection and repair cuz i'm finally well enough to jump off drugs and take that dive my standard is no longer just to survive, i want to feel exceedingly alive finally bursting out of this slow death chair Im Free

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