Tree of Memories

January 23, 2012
By sidneykay GOLD, Aldie, Virginia
sidneykay GOLD, Aldie, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Always fall in with what you're asked to accept. Take what is given, and make it over your way. My aim in life has always been to hold my own with whatever's going. Not against: with.

Why do you climb so high?
The roots of safety lie below
Protector of your castle
Snarling through kibble-stained teeth.

Why do you wear that dress?
A cloud of cotton candy, rough to the touch, sprinkled with sparkles, sweetened with memories.

Why don’t you come down from there?
A labyrinth of dark arms trap you in.
Come down to a land of soft grass
And lay with your knight next to you
And your “blonde crown” a satisfying mess.

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