A Quiet Time Spent Thinking

January 28, 2012
By Anonymous

Looking forward closely

Is just like looking back
And hearing much too softly

Is not worth much but slack
And even in the hard parts

'Twixt fates cruel hand and time
We strive to move our instincts

And forget that you were mine
Yet even as I sit

Upon my seat of shame
And think of what I've done

And call upon your name
My only hope is sole

No more than desperate wish
That you might make me whole

Through final actions kiss
But I have gone too far

And taken too much claim
Brought up the pasts great scars

And called upon your name
No more can I ask of you

The one who I struck hard
No more may I construe

What I deigned to discard
But think upon me slowly

When you might hear the soft
Sweet sounds of my voice lowly

Whispering onto you aloft

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