Through A Looking Glass

January 25, 2012
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When you look at life through some one's eyes

You may expect the unexpected

But when you look through mine

The unexpected is truly


A never-ending hole

One million feet deep,





Looking above from the top of the trench

In the pitch black darkness

A little faint glow

Illuminates the first few feet of the prison.

A little gleaming hope,

Encouraging, lovely, spirited,

Yet unreachable.

That, is the unexpected.

My world, revolves around this.

A deep hole, an unattainable moment of joy

I climb, claw, grasp, hang

On the walls

To get to that light.

As I reach for the top, I can feel the warmth of the light on my sunken cheeks and cold fingertips.

I embrace.

I laugh.

I love.

I live.

Not a moment later,

A dark shadowed entity cackles it bloodcurdling laugh,

And pushes me back.

As I fall back that one million feet

Time stops.

It goes on forever.

A repeating cycle.

Irrevocably deplorable.

If you were to see my life from my eyes.

The shock and the pain I have witnessed

Is truly unexpected.

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