January 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Listen. Listen! Listen to the beat of a Native’s drum.
Listen. Listen! Listen to the Mayflower breaking waves near Plymouth.
Heed and you’ll notice, a family’s new child, firstborn in the nation.
Heed and take note of the Red Coats blocking our way to greatness.
Can you hear their protests for their rights?
Can you hear a revolutionary cry?
Oh can you hearken to the bombs bursting loud!
Oh can you hear the liberty pouring from heaven above!
Do you hear a family split, one going grey, one going blue?
Do you hear a family’s mourning for their lost son, dead?
Do you understand what we are?
Do you truly understand how this nation is born?
This is America, Man’s New Land.
This is America, Land of the Free.
This is America, Land of Liberty.
This is America, Land of Choices.
This is America. This is America.

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