Insanely Nostalgic

January 26, 2012
By ponderingsilently BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
ponderingsilently BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
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I've been diagnosed with nostalgia,
"A deadly disease" they say
A desperate yearning for the past
And so each day I'd pray

I'd pray to God," Please take me back"
to those joyous carefree days
Peace of mind, an unconscious smile
and a bit of poignant craze

Those people who have turned off their lamps
are watching us from their homes
"We'll see you soon" their voices sing
and yet their spirits roam

I try to relive those moments of the past
I must say it's not the same
My mind collapsed, my heart has paused
I choose myself to blame

A traveler of both time and space,
I wish it was all real
Some things will just never be,
My mind has not yet healed

An escape from reality is possible
Just every now and then
My very own utopia
where all my worries end

Insanely insane
an intertwined chain
of mixed up thoughts and dreams
battling against nostalgia
is harder than it seems

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