Childhood in the woods

January 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Wake up a 5 AM
And put on my camouflage pants
Wiped of my .243 and started up my quad
Headed out to my new deer stand
Way back in the pines
Hopefully I’ll shoot a big buck
With some long tines
Sittin’ all day long
Not too much in sight
So I hit the grunt call
Hoping a deer will wanna fight
Brings out a few yearlings
A big doe too
Then off the hill
Here he comes,
It gives me the chills
Sixty yards and closing
I’m starting to shake
Hoping he comes in,
Close enough for me to take
Forty yards on the bait,
Right behind the shoulder
“Baaaa” I say
He stops for a moment,
And bang,
Now there he lays
My first deer,
A buck too,
I thank my Uncle,
And God too

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