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January 23, 2012
By Capricious BRONZE, Long Beach, California
Capricious BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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Favorite Quote:
" Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."
" A great artist is not afraid to fail flamboyantly."
" I write like no one will ever see or hear my words." ( my own quote)

In the back of every classroom there's a girl with a closed mouth and eyes wide and round that absorb every corner of the universe...

The girl who smells like cucumber mist and dusty, never visited bedrooms, In the back of every world there's a girl who asks too many questions and stays trapped in her own phase of recklessness

She exhales wonder and inhales exhaust fumes in this city of devils, In the back of everybody she hides like she is shy,then she reinvents herself each time she shows the people her face

She is a collage of every place she's ever been and every person she's interacted with

She is unknown
She is anonymous
She is a whisper in a silent room-disturbing
She is laughter, she is a new species of all combinations, she is a proclamation
The newest wonder of the world

She exhales reality and inhales fantasy off the pages of stories that crawl into her heart like silkworms, draping it in the fabric

She is the girl that evolves
She is evolution
At dawn she is orange purple mahogany
At dusk she is violet magenta asphalt
At day she is a stain on your fingers from a bleeding ink pen

At midnight she is time ticking into morning hours
In the desert she is windchimes clinking with the rustle of humid winds
On Sunset Blvd. she is a wannabe hipster
On the shore she is a mermaid with an iridescent tail and a seashell brasiere

On television she is an actress
When day ends she is night life
She is nobody and everybody at once

She cries and her tears shower the city in dirty rainwater

She is the world
She is the Universe
She is the sunlight melting Artic ice caps, becoming more frequent
Heating the globe
She is so me and so you

Collage of fingerprints
Identity Scuffle
Sudo Self Shuffle
Mah Jong Tiles

She is infinity and all its everlasting implications.

The author's comments:
This is a piece about everyone and everything, I think it is very self-explanatory. It is about how people and experiences and the world collide.

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