So Dangerous

January 15, 2012
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As I lifted each foot

to the next step of the rock wall

on my red play set,

my face lit up so brightly,

not a soul could miss it.

A smile shot across my face

as I arrived to the top.

Being so small on something so big,

gave me power to do anything.

I’m so dangerous.

The sun glowed,

on my dark skin as

the breeze brushed past.

With my jean overalls on

and my hair brimming in the wind,

I wrapped my leg around the railing,

then brought my other leg over,

gathering myself on the outside.

I’m so dangerous.

A feeling like no other swept through

my body. Chills darted down my spine

and nerves ran around

in my brain,

yet I had to continue climbing,

feeling that rush.

I’m so dangerous.

I felt open to do anything

as I traveled the railings.

Nothing could touch me

in my moment of complete peace.

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