A letter I'll never send

January 8, 2012
By Anonymous

You're laughing with your friends on a cold winter day
When I walk in you slow down, watch me walk away
And I can see through your thin smiling mask
You're breaking
There are tears you've never cried
Things you've never told anyone
your feelings are hidden from most, but not me
I see right through your thin mask
Into the pain in your eyes, the torture in your smile
I wish there was never an us, never a you and me
Then you wouldn't be hurting because of the had been's the used to be's
The past tense is what hurts you the most
The dream that was then came crashing down on top of you
You need to let go
You need to push your way out of the crumple, the fallen castle and take flight
So fly to your high
And don't worry about leaving me behind
Let me go

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