January 25, 2012
By Anonymous

times are weird
you left a void
sometimes i wonder if you were ever here
other times its hard to recall when you left.
your departure was sudden but we've ajusted
we think of you often
not a single snow or leaf falls that you dont cross my mind
not a single flower blooms that a memory doesn't blossom in your rememberance.
you wouldnt believe the influences you have made.
im not close to better but ive ajusted.
the transition has set
yet your absents is still a void
we will never forget that day
your day
you have left some bitter
though they will never comprehend your leaving
the innocence has faded without you dear things have changed.
the times have changed but the memories have stayed the same.
we often contemplate on who we should blame
its naive to think that you could of stayed buts a shame that this is how life has to play.

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