The Change

January 25, 2012
By Abbey Hall BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Abbey Hall BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I used to see you as a brother,
As a friend,
Someone I spent every day with
And who I whispered to at night.
I used to make fun of you
As you laughed at my sense of humor.
I used to look past your immature young age
And knew this was what I had my whole life.
I used to see you as brave and proud,
I thought I would love you until the end.

Now I see you as my broken bratty brother.
You walk around with your head held high
As you make fun of everything around you.
I don’t get your sense of humor,
Every word out of your mouth is insulting.
You look down to me
As if I am an ant crawling on the ground.
You stomp on my words and crumble them into a ball,
And toss them in your lacrosse stick which dances upon your filthy hands.
You hold yourself to a high regard
As you stare down dwelling on the dark damp world around you.
You’re uncivil, uncanny and uncooperative.
No one else can compare to your level of greatness.

Take a look into your unkempt mirror Robert,
Watching it bow down to your level of immaturity.
Look at yourself, and who you have become,
And let me know if what stares back at you,
Is the person you wish to be.

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