The Fire Spreads

January 24, 2012
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As the fire spreads the family lies fast asleep.
As the fire spreads a crackling sound
Pierces the woman’s ears.
She jumps up, searches, and rummages around.
She stumbles, no worries whip through her head.

As the fire spreads the woman shrieks at the flames.
As the fire spreads she sobs at a loss of words,
While she stands at the heart of a flame engulfed home.
The women is absentminded to death just few minutes away

The woman begins to grab all of her things.
She rushes, trips, and falls to the ground.
As the fire spreads a voice preaches to the woman “get out!”.
The flames dance upon the house, knowing victory is theirs.

As the fire spreads the heartbroken family watches as hell takes over their home.
Scorching, searing, scalding,
There’s no hope.
A ruble and ash covered lot screams under the water of the fireman’s hose.

The fire no longer spreads.
What’s left dead is a family’s lifetime of memories,
Indefinable by the blackened outsides.

This family stands tall.
This lose is only things, things that are replaceable.
No souls were taken as the fire spread that night they laid fast asleep.

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