Freezing Flurries of Winter

January 18, 2012
Snow cascades gradually
all around screaming children,
as they play and build snowmen
amongst their friends.
Their cherry cheeks freezing
like water slowly dripping
from the roof of a house,
as they tumble around
in the freezing flurries.
When they hear their mother’s call,
they come running,
like excited puppies to dinner;
hats flopping,
boots clunking,
snow pants swishing.
Snow flutters to the earth
as it flies off their drenched coats.
They scuttle into the house,
where they are greeted
with hot cocoa,
topped with slow melting
mushy marshmallows.
The chocolate hot
against their tongues
and marshmallow cream
lines their upper lip.
They gulp down the burning liquid
until the only remains
are chocolate lip prints
surrounding the rim of the mug.
They thank their mothers,
throw on their snow gear,
and head back out
into the freezing flurries of winter.

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