January 20, 2012
By Fmchiodo BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Fmchiodo BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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The weather hasn’t calmed from its raging mood earlier this

Week. The wind outside burns it’s so cold.
Frost waits for his next victim to leave its house so he can bite
Who ever attempts to defy him then laugh in their face for trying to
Out-strength him and failing To-do so. Warming my hands with
My cold breath is the most heat I can get at this point in time. Even with
The fire place roaring, the flickering warm color scheme
Isn’t helping as much as it looks like it would. It seems like I’m
Getting a chilled heat As I steadily push my hands from the
Top of the fire to the darkened wood at the bottom.

Only when my hands are right up next to the fire, do
They begin to regain feeling. With feeling, my hands
Begin to tingling. Slowly at first then ferociously with pain.
In each of my fingers I feel mini seizers, the only way to soften the pain
Is by gripping both my hands together and then leaning my upper
Body over them. Even when they are still next to the fire.
Once feeling has been restored in both my hands, I take
Them away from the fire. Now instead of a dark demeaning blue,
My hands are a brighter pink color. Not ideal but better. I put my
Hands in my jeans pocket and keep them there.

Next I find my self starring out the window and thinking out loud;
Because of the stupid blistering winds and snow falling outside, there isn’t any heat. There isn’t any power. All the water is frozen. All the blankets are cold. All body heat is lost. All blood is chilled. All of the windows turn from glass to ice and all the people huddled in the corner trying to conserve heat are kidding themselves. Nobody knew this was coming. Nobody knew they’d be iced in. Everybody without a doubt hated this blizzard.

The author's comments:
its about a blizzard

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