The difference between mean and hurt

January 20, 2012
When you're having a bad day
I'll be here to help
When you're crying
I have a shoulder
When life's tough
I'm here to walk you through the chaos
When there's too much to handle
I'll help carry
When you need someone... Call me.

You know there are others who go through the same thing as you but with different circumstances. You know there are others who can relate to you, who know how you feel, and can help by understanding. But that's when it happened, when you snapped at the one who could help you through it all. The words you said are stuck in my mind, I can hear your voice keep rising and mine trying to stay calm as if you weren't hurting me. But because you had a bad couple of weeks and are going through hard times, does that give you the right to hurt the one person you knew would stand by you? Those words hurt and the thing was that you knew that.

You don't know the difference though. When you say something mean, the other person will eventually get over it, but say something hurtful it's like putting together all the pieces to a shattered vase, it's never the same. But the thing is.... Neither are we.

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