January 19, 2012
I've waited with patience
Through the surfacing of this
And down to the center of that
A sewing machine of things
I cannot forget
I've proven the fireproof
Under the shelter of a sentry box
I studied you from the safety
From the engines of the natural
In the storm of the glaciers

The worst is over
The worst is over
Until the frost begins to stir
Slower than the glaciers were
There's nothing I can do
Nothing more, nothing more

I climb the shivering destruction
To the makeshift boats at sea
Ebbing and flowing
Straight down to my religion
And my overturned ash trays
All those months kept inside
For fabrication and to better yourself
For a sharper sea glass than before
To raw the margins
Before the glaciers melt away

The worst is over
Things have slowed
Like the glaciers have always been
I miss you
But there's nothing I can do
I've done nothing more than I can do

The scent of
Dietary restrictions and narrow religions
Too much time to read, to think
Before the glaciers begin to sink
The scene of
Placement beds and all things said
Funny people and perhaps my face
Once more before the glaciers leave with grace
I'm changing and it just might feel good
I'm changing, I wish you would
I know you're angry
Watch it turn and twist and dance
Before you

I've waited with patience
To clearly remember
The sewing machine of things
I cannot forget
Through the storm of the glaciers
The worst is over

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