Life is an Unending War

January 19, 2012
By Liz1325 BRONZE, Cottonwood, California
Liz1325 BRONZE, Cottonwood, California
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Life is an Unending War
With bloodshed and unrecoverable wounds
If you rush into it blindly, irrationally, you will be struck

If strategized, with waiting supplies to keep you moving
Your chance of survival is greater

If you are well armored against the harsh elements of nature
and the weapons of an enemy troop,
You will last longer

If you have allies of great numbers,
You have a more companionable journey along the way
and your chances of crushing all that oppose you strengthen

Sometimes life ends with devastation, sorrow, and
While those left with nothing but horrid trauma retreat,
fleeing in fear of the enemy’s savage onslaught

But sometimes life ends victoriously,
With little despair nor grief for the dead,
For yet another battle has been won,
And they can continue to march onto the next,
Or possibly return home to their anxious families

The battlefield lies still, burdened with carrion and crows

For every battle won,
One is lost,
And another yet that has only just begun,
For life is an Unending War

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