You could've cared a bit more

January 19, 2012
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were all you threw at us.
A thousand miles away,
and you thought you could hide.

False truth
was all we reaped
at confrontation.
No truth, just lies.
A cover story
to your secret life
without us;
A new life
that made you happy.
A life without us.

You stood lifeless
like a deer caught in headlights,
yet still wore the smirk
of your almighty thought that
no-one could touch you.

Hearts spilled out,
you could’ve cared a bit more.
Caught in the act of betrayal,
you weren’t one to be convinced
of the proven evidence.
And the screams barely phased you.

Now, when it feels like your heart
has sunk to the bottom
of an ocean sinkhole
like dead weight,
and you’re wondering why
I don’t want to say
“I love you”

Think back to the memory.
The one that haunts me.
The one that bears witness,
that you didn’t care.

You can’t hide anymore.
Quit throwing your futile lies.

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