My Dream

January 19, 2012
By Slaytojl14 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Slaytojl14 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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My Dream,
Is to dance on a big stage,
To listen as
Millions of people applaud
When I walk on.
I breathe deeply, and slowly
Calming myself,
So my nerves don’t take over.

Then I begin.
Gracefully leaping,
Sailing through the air.
Gracefully spinning,
Pirouetting faster and faster.
Millions of people watching admiringly.

Then Suddenly,

An abrupt stop,
Letting them wait

Then I spring
Jumping high in the air,
Almost as if I was
Defying gravity.

My feet quick,
My feet light.
My Heart racing,
My mind awhirl with joy.
Yet so focused
On what’s next.

I feel the pounding
Of my feet against the floor,
I feel the pounding
Of my heart against my chest.
Keeping with the beat of the music,
The music dancing along with me
Keeping time with my movements.

I pause,
To catch my breath.
Then start back in slowly.
My movements stretching out,
Much farther
Than the edges of my body.
Expressing what my words cannot
And all that I had worked so hard for,
In what feels like
Only a few short moments.

Then when it is all over,
The thunderous applause
Rolling over me like a tidal wave,
A wave of joy.

I bow,
Feeling the ache in my feet,
Feeling the ache really,
In my whole body.
It is all worth it
For My Dream.

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