January 12, 2012
By PsychoNikki BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
PsychoNikki BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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I am sinking in quicksand, unable to
But the few gasps I do get do nothing but tease
For all I do get leave and never come
As my head starts to cloud and senses are slack
But all this I deserve, so karma come
It was my own fault for bringing death so near
I was the one that tripped and

Even though it’s not mine that my mind is fumbled
But the sand is tightening its monstrous grip
No matter how hard I struggle, it won’t slip
So it is devouring me and soon I’ll disappear
But it will not matter for there will be no tears
Nobody will miss me, I made sure of
Pushed me from death, I just crawled right back
So I made no one care for the drowning boy
They all have their own lives to live and enjoy
Not to be troubled and worried of the useless
But to say I didn’t love them I will never confess
The touch of their help was warm to the soul
But it didn’t get deep enough to my hope so cold
So instead of fresh air, my last breath will be smoke
And it will be the reaper I continue to provoke

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