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She Is Beautiful

January 12, 2012
By BombershayDeCapo BRONZE, Wilmette, Illinois
BombershayDeCapo BRONZE, Wilmette, Illinois
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She is not beautiful
I hear them say
“No golden locks
Or charming little dimples”
She is not beautiful
With a plain unpainted face
Dull tarnished nails
And thick square glasses
She is not beautiful
In a plain grey shirt
Loose faded jeans
Short messy hair
She is not beautiful
At the back of the room
Shoulders slumped
Her small book in hand
She is not beautiful
I hear them say
With their noses upturned
Simply pompous and grandiose

I hear what they say
But I do not listen
Behind those glasses
Are large understanding eyes
With unpolished nails
She grows a vibrant garden
In books she finds sanctuary
Using new knowledge
To teach the less fortunate
Unfailing to be there for me
Even when I am not there for her
She is more than what they say
She is my best friend

And she is beautiful.

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