It's Over

January 15, 2012
By Tasnima BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
Tasnima BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
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Take a step and move closer …

Close your eyes and count to three …



and … Three.

Open your eyes and look up at the skylight …

Feel those last few tears shed from your eyes - as they will be your last …

Remember all the memories that left those scars within you …

Put them together and wish them away …

The pain you felt when he/she didn’t care,

All those times you wished you was dead,

All the bull you went through,

All the crap you felt and faced,

The pain and suffering you could not help feeling …

The hurt from that broken heart that seemed to leave a scar you thought would never disappear …

It is time to finally let go …

All those times you shed those tears,

All the times you wanted it to end it but it just did not,

Those times when you blamed yourself for everything that happened,

Those times where you wished someone else could take that blame away,

You try and try not to give in …

You look before you and watch all those whom support you,

You want to believe them,

But just can not find it in your heart too …

You try to understand,

You try to forget,

But it seems as if whatever you do; nothing changes,

You try to fight it,

It seems as a day barely passes,

Till then you realize how much you spent your life on it,

Till one day, you figure it all out,

That it only took time for you to get it,

That it was not your fault,

That it just was not meant to be,

And finally, the sun comes out …

A new day begins…

The flowers all bloom …

Not a single cloud in the sky,

And you realize …

That what happened was for the good,

That he/she was not meant for you,

That you deserve better,

That it is time for him/her to regret it.

That everything you went through,

He/she will go through,

Those times you needed forgiveness,

Those times you begged,

But yet, there was no concern for you,

When you felt it all, and he/she did not …

Finally it is over with,

And it is time for you to say …

its OVER.

The author's comments:
Reflecting on the past situations pushed me into writing this and once I started, I could not stop till I finished it. It is a way to let others know that it is better not to dwell on sadness but rather happiness and to move on because new things are to happen but waiting on you to make your move.

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