Old Habits

January 15, 2012
By Numbthoughts SILVER, Ardmore, Tennessee
Numbthoughts SILVER, Ardmore, Tennessee
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Why do you taunt me so?
I have worked so hard to get away from you.
I’m in a good place now.
Or so I think, no, I know.
Or do I?
You were always there for me.
Through every painful moment in my life.
Right beside me, in your little blue box.
I swallowed you, then you took over.
As soon as I felt the numbness, I knew you were there.
Nothing could hurt me then.
I could do whatever and feel as happy as I could possibly want.
But then on that one day, I took too many of you.
I had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks.
I thought you loved me?
I thought you could make me happy.
You’re sitting the cabinet right now.
I hear you calling to me, but you hurt me before and I don’t know if I trust you.
You were supposed to be my escape, but now,
Now you’re only a trap.

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