Take Me In

January 15, 2012
By bebethefx BRONZE, Mountain View, California
bebethefx BRONZE, Mountain View, California
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Favorite Quote:
"We can do anything. It’s not because our hearts are large, they’re not, it’s what we struggle with." - Richard Siken


It was her for an eternity and then
the horizon took her in.
You remember this,
that's how you told the story to your friends,
at least the ones that bothered to listen,
and how you had planned to tell your kids.

It goes a bit like this, you'd say -
and you'd try to get it, try to capture
the way the sky cracked open and it seeped anger, and rage,
and forgiveness, and hope and
the way she turned back, the way it
sucked her up, like that.
No goodbyes, no tomorrows, no somedays.
No more promises, you heard her say.
But maybe that wasn't true, either.

Maybe you could have saved her,
or maybe not. You're not
a prince, a handsome boy, a knight in shining armor.
Or amor, you laughed once,
because it's funny, right?
You could be a knight in shining amor,
she told you that you already were.

The pen took to paper but,
no words could describe her.
Her hip latched onto yours, her hands in your hair,
her lips on yours.
These are the things that you'll tell your kids about,
because the kids that you know don't care.
Or maybe they don't believe.

Until when?
La mañana, she whispered, her breath hot on your neck.
You tried to laugh, but
she could see right through you, like
like always, because it had never been.

Que una, you said,
which one,
but you wondered if she could understand, one way or another.
It's a voice like cigarettes that you heard.
The tomorrow.

And you wanted to ask again because
one's the space between the night and the morning,
and one's the space between now and forever.

Those are romantic's words,
she had told you once,
made to woo women,
made for you, made for now.
Not forever.
And there was that laugh,
the one you'd remember
even now,
even then,
even tomorrow.

I like to believe that they're real.

Then prove it.

Then I will.

Space is relative. It's just a matter of
opinion, maybe.
You are
an option.
You had known.

No more futures.
These are not meaningless words out of a
cynical mouth.

Ese es la verdad.
This is the truth. This is the
she has chosen.
Don't doubt me.
It's a threat, it's a
dare, a dare you'd like to take.
I do, and I always will.
Her teeth are biting,
unforgiving, that night.

Don't regret it,
don't take steps back,
that's what she always said.

You got in the car.
That's the end, that's
when it started, that's when it was all over.
A sky, a horizon, a goodbye.
No more futures,
and she had known.
But there's a belief – a belief because
you said you'd prove them -
para siempre,
our forever.

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