A Celestial Body

January 14, 2012
When I looked up at the moon, all I could think of was you.

not because

you are particularly bright or bold,

or even as exponential as the moon.

It is because;

I realized how the earth longs for the moon.

And how the moon greatly yearns for the earth.

Without the moon:

The ocean would be rid of it's waves which have a love affair with the shore.

The moon gives the melancholy night sky it's light;

and most all,

it's beauty.

You are the moon in my life.

I rely on you to put the extraordinary radiance in my soul.

Seafarers use the moon to find their way back home.

You bring me back to the place where i am free from danger.

Your gravity draws me closer, and I wish to stay there all the days of my life.

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